Julie Aragon is a mortgage magician for people who have been dealt a bad home loan hand or don’t even know where to start.
Through her connections with other kick-ass professionals, constant communication, and mastery of cutting-edge technology, she’s eager to transform your desire of owning your dream home into a reality, while making it all feel like a cake walk.
Her adoring clients have called her a “strong, empowered, independent, motivational, problem solver” and “Not just a pretty face.”
“This little lady is confident, professional, persistent, and gets the job done!!” One woman even said, “Julie Aragon literally got me the home of my dreams. She is the BEST in the South Bay and everyone who I’ve recommended her to agrees.”
When she’s not making miracles happen in mortgage-land, you can find Julie indulging in a craft cocktail (or two), binge-watching ridiculously addictive reality TV, or falling in love with every puppy she sees..